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Size guide

This size chart is provided as a guideline only. We know all babies are quite different so please feel free to contact us if you have any queries on sizing and we'll do our best to help.



Gowns and dresses: chest measurement (right around the chest, underneath the arms).

Chest measurement

Bootie sizes can vary greatly for babies and are also provided as a guideline only. To measure your baby’s foot, place on a piece of paper and mark the toe and heal and measure this.

Head measurements: measure right around the head, just above the ears.

Chest measurement

Imperial guide

Size Gowns (chest) Booties Bonnets Headbands
Newborn Up to 16 1/4 " 3 1/8" 15 1/2" Up to 17"
0-3 months Up to 17" 3 1/2" 16" Up to 17"
3-6 months Up to 18" 4" 17" Up to 17"
6-9 months Up to 19 1/4 " 4 3/8" 17 3/4" Up to 18 1/2"
9-12 months Up to 20 1/2" 4 3/4" 18 1/2" Up to 18 1/2"
12-18 months Up to 21 3/4" - 19 1/4" Up to 20"
18-24 months Up to 22 1/2" - - Up to 20"

Metric guide

Size Gowns (chest) Booties Bonnets Headbands
Newborn Up to 41cm 8cm 39cm Up to 43cm
0-3 months Up to 43cm 9cm 41cm Up to 43cm
3-6 months Up to 46cm 10cm 43cm Up to 43cm
6-9 months Up to 49cm 11cm 45cm Up to 47cm
9-12 months Up to 52cm 12cm 47cm Up to 47cm
12-18 months Up to 55cm - 49cm Up to 51cm
18-24 months Up to 57cm - - Up to 51cm